The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers

Edna Perkel Gurewitsch (19?- )

Edna Perkel Gurewitsch was the wife of Dr. David Gurewitsch, ER's personal physician and close confidante for the last fifteen years of her life. Gurewitsch worked as an art dealer in Manhattan in the early 1950s and met ER in 1956. As one of those closest to ER in the last years of her life, Gurewitsch has continued to write and lecture about the former first lady's life and legacy. In 2002, she published Kindred Souls, a memoir of ER's relationship with David Gurewitsch. She lives in New York City.
Source: Edna Gurewitsch, Kindred Souls: The Friendship of Eleanor Roosevelt and David Gurewitsch (New York: St. Martin's Press, 2002), passim.