The Documentary History of the First Federal Congress of the United States of America, 1789-1791

The Daily Advertiser

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Mr. CARROLL moved that the house now take up the report of the committee on the subject of the enrollment, attestation, publication, and preservation of the acts of Congress.
This was however postponed on Mr. Vining giving notice that this day he should move for leave to bring in a bill to establish a domestic department. This subject was connected with the one immediately preceding, as this establishment would provide a proper repository for the public records of the legislature, and many objects of the report might be comprehended in this provision.
Mr. VINING moved a resolution that the President of the United States be authorised and requested to provide a great and lesser seal, with proper devices for the use of the United States.
After some conversation, in which it was observed that such a provision respecting the great seal was needless and improper, as one already existed; and some doubts were expressed as to the necessity of a privy seal, it was agreed that the motion should lie on the table.
Mr. BENSON moved a resolution, that a committee should be appointed to bring in a bill to prescribe the form of commissions to be granted to the officers of the United States. Ordered to lie on the table.