The Documentary History of the First Federal Congress of the United States of America, 1789-1791

ALS, Huntington Papers, Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford.

Benjamin Huntington to Mrs. Huntington

Mrs. Huntington

I Recd. no letter from you or any of the Family by Capt. Niles by which I Conclude nothing Extraordinary had happened I am in hourly Expectation of Culver who I hope will bring good News that you are in better Health & that the Family are Comfortable I have nothing worthy of Notice to mention at Present The Papers will Inform what has been doing this Week in Congress we are giving Every thing into the hands of the President which we are not fit to manage ourselves Perhaps we shall find this will lead us to a Greater length than we at first Considered I hope but dont believe we are acting wisely in Giving Power to the President to turn out the Great Officers of the United States at Pleasure without giving any Reason for it we are told that he is under a Sufficient Check by being Responsible for his Conduct I wish to know how much Restraint he will be under by his Responsibility when he has an Army at Command and all the Officers both Civil & Military a Set of his own Creatures Dependent on him for a Subsistance in their Places, and with a Disposition to Support himself in Place by some as will be the Case in the first Instance where a President is Ambitious and finds himself under a Probability of Failing of a Re-Election, but why should I Trouble you with Politics? I wish I was not Troubled with them myself!
I shall write you again by Culver.

and am at Present with sincear
Affection your

Benj. Huntington