The Documentary History of the First Federal Congress of the United States of America, 1789-1791

FC, Thomson Papers, Library of Congress

Charles Thomson to John Vining

Mr. Thomson presents his compliments to Mr. Vining & hopes that for obvious reasons Mr. V. will excuse his not entering into a discussion of the subject mentioned in his note, more especially when it is considered that the complex nature of the general government of the United States, the variety of interests comprehended under it, the states of which it is composed, the necessity of reconciling them one to another and to the general government so as to form one united nation, not to mention the Indians who live within the territories of the United States and who have rights and claims which must be attended to, cannot fail to suggest to the enlightened body of which Mr. Vining is a member, that the care of our domestic affairs and the preserving peace and harmony at home is of as much importance and may require as much time, attention and abilities as any of the departments which have been brought before them.