The George C. Marshall Papers

George C. Marshall to Brigadier General Scott Shipp

NOT only was the wait for the results of the examination nerve-wracking, but the commissioning process was delaying Marshall's marriage to Lily Coles of Lexington. In addition to being twenty-one years old, civilian appointees had to be single at the time of commissioning. ☆

My dear General

I am glad to be able to tell you that I have received a letter from the War Department telling me that I passed my examinations successfully, and was recommended for a commission as lieutenant in the Army after becoming of age. The commission is to be sent after December 31st. A little late, but very acceptable Xmas gift.
As I will be in Lexington during the holidays I can explain all the details of the affair to better advantage then. Please pardon this paper[1] and believe me—

Faithfully yours

G. C. Marshall, Jr.
VMI/Alumni File; H
    [1]Marshall wrote on lined notebook paper.