The George C. Marshall Papers

George C. Marshall Report to The Adjutant General, 2d Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment


I have the honor to report that no insurgents surrendered or were captured at this post since last report.[2]

Very respectfully

G. C. Marshall, Jr.
NA/RG 395 (Mangarin, Letterbook)
    [1]Marshall arrived in Mangarin from Calapan on July 12, 1902. Owing to the temporary absence of Captain Henry E. Eames, Marshall assumed command of Company G until September 19. At various times, he was also acting quartermaster, commissary, and summary court trial officer.
    [2]Some insurgent bands, having been driven out of Luzon, continued to resist on Mindoro during 1902. Marshall recalled that when he arrived at Calapan, "the hills were full of insurrectos who would shoot into the town from time to time." (Marshall Interviews, p. 124.) Mangarin, a village at the other end of the island, was less troubled. As acting company commander, Marshall was required to file bimonthly the above report and monthly a report on the number of persons taking oaths of allegiance to the United States.