The George C. Marshall Papers

Brigadier General Scott Shipp to George C. Marshall

Dear Marshall

We had entered into correspondence with officers, who are graduates of the Institute, before your letter was received. I have always thought of you as one for that detail; but just now I think it better to have an officer of higher rank, an older man.[1] There is nothing but time, the amount of which varies in different cases, which will give the experienced, basic, matured judgment required for the very difficult position of Cmdt in this place. You think you know what is required, but you would find the difficulties vastly greater than anything you apprehend. Saunders told me what an effective Cmdt you made,[2] but the problem here is a very different one. . . .

Sincerely yrs

Scott Shipp
    [1]Captain Morrell M. Mills (V.M.I., 1897), First Field Artillery, was chosen. He had been assistant professor of mathematics and tactics during Marshall's first year at V.M.I.
    [2]Colonel Isaac H. Saunders (V.M.I., 1884), president of Danville Military Institute, had written to Shipp on December 12, 1901, following Marshall's resignation as commandant, praising the former first captain as "a splendid officer. He possesses rare judgment, discretion and tact for one so young." (VMI/RG 2.)