The George C. Marshall Papers

Colonel Frederick W. Stillwell to the Secretary of War


The officers of the 13th Regiment Infantry, N.G.P. recently encamped at Camp Theodore J. Wint, Mt. Gretna, Pa., have requested me to formally express to you our thanks for the invaluable assistance received, and the lasting benefit derived by this regiment on its last annual tour of duty, by reason of the presence of the officers of the U.S. Army, who were present in pursuance of orders of your Department.
We wish also to particularly express our appreciation of the zeal, the energy, the intelligence, and the many helpful suggestions of Lieutenant George C. Marshall, 30th U.S. Infantry, who was detailed to this regiment, and whose presence and faithful work with and among us was very beneficial to every officer and enlisted man of this command; so much so that if it be possible and in accord with your and his circumstances at the time, we would respectfully request that he be detailed to this regiment again at our next annual encampment.

Very respectfully,

F. W. Stillwell
NA/RG 94 (Document File)