The George C. Marshall Papers

George C. Marshall to Major General Edward W. Nichols

My dear General:–

Your letter of May 27th., received and I desire to thank you for considering me in connection with the detail of commandant at the Institute. I will be very glad to have you place my name before the Board of Visitors on June 19th. As I will have completed three years of detached service August 15th., next, and four years is the supposed limit, there may be some difficulty for this reason in securing favorable action from the War Department in regard to my detail, though of late this regulation has frequently been departed from.
I am now an instructor in the Department of Engineering of the Army School of the Line and of the Army Staff College, and as my relief from this duty at this particular time of the year would tend to disarrange the plans of the Department for the coming term, I will appreciate your telegraphing me, collect, the action of the Board. This will also be of considerable convenience to me as I had intended moving into new quarters the last week in June, before leaving for some maneuvers in Pennsylvania, where I will be on duty during July.
In compliance with your request I enclose an outline of my record since leaving the Institute. I trust this is in the form you desire.
Mrs. Marshall left Saturday night for Virginia to spend the summer with her mother near Charlottesville. I hope to spend a week or ten days there in August.
I appreciate very much your expressions of interest in my Army career, and I wish to assure you that your congratulatory letter of two years ago has served me as a constant incentive.
With kindest regards, believe me,

Very respectfully yours,

G. C. Marshall, Jr.
VMI/Alumni File; T