The George C. Marshall Papers

EARLY in September Marshall and his wife went abroad for six months of leave. It was "quite a feat on a lieutenant's pay," he recalled; "we had to do it on a shoestring, but we managed to cover six countries—two of them while I was on half pay. We had a very interesting time, particularly because we didn't try to hurry. We would stay at a place for weeks."
The couple's first stop was England, where they remained for over a month. In mid-September, Marshall took a busman's holiday and attended the British Army maneuvers at Aldershot in Surrey. First he applied to the United States Embassy for permission. "But, of course, they could do nothing for me. So I just rented a bicycle up near Aldershot and went there and went through all the maneuvers and saw about three times as much as our attaché saw because I wasn't restricted. I just rode all over the place as I wanted to and had an interesting time of it." (Marshall Interviews, p. 165.) [star ]