The George C. Marshall Papers

George C. Marshall to The Adjutant General


I have the honor to request that the leave granted me by par.15, S.O. # 94 War Department, C.S. be extended one month on half pay. The ocean voyage to Europe and back is so expensive that in all probability I will not be able to take it again, and for this reason I desire very much to continue my stay abroad an additional month in order that I may not have to slight some things which I have a particular desire to see.[1]

Very respectfully,

G. C. Marshall, Jr.
NA/RG 91 (Document File); H
    [1]Colonel William Paulding, commanding officer of the Twenty-fourth Infantry Regiment, Madison Barracks, New York, advised rejection of Marshall's request, because Marshall had been on detached service at Fort Leavenworth and had "never served with this regiment." However, Major General Frederick D. Grant (U.S.M.A.,1871), at Department of the East headquarters, Governors Island, New York, approved the request "in order to enable Lieutenant Marshall to take full advantage of his trip to Europe." (NA/RG 94 [Document File].)