The George C. Marshall Papers

DESPITE General Bliss's efforts to retain Marshall on his staff for the several months it would take to complete the maneuver report, Marshall was ordered to proceed to his new regiment. Assigned to the Third Battalion, Fourth Infantry, then stationed at Fort Logan H. Roots, near Little Rock, Arkansas, Marshall reported to the post commander, Lieutenant Colonel Elmore F. Taggart (U.S.M.A., 1883), on September 4, and was sent to Company M, Captain Fine W. Smith (U.S.M.A., 1895) commanding.
In December, Captain Smith was ordered to New York City for recruiting duty. Command of the company fell to Marshall, who held this position from December 23, 1912, until June 7, 1913, except for a week in March when he was sick in the hospital. During this time, the company made two major changes of station. In February, 1913, the battalion was ordered to Fort Snelling, just south of St. Paul, Minnesota. Only ten days after arriving on February 14, the battalion was suddenly ordered to Fort Crockett, near Galveston, Texas, to join the newly formed Second Division under Major General William H. Carter. This concentration of 11,450 men was prompted by the growing tension along the southern border resulting from fighting in Mexico following General Victoriano Huerta's coup.
On February 28, Marshall and Company M arrived at Fort Crockett after a four-day train trip. There they remained, except for two brief marches, until Marshall left for the Philippine Islands on June 22. (NA/RG 94 [Regimental Returns, Fourth Infantry].) [star ]