The George C. Marshall Papers

George C. Marshall Field Orders, No. 1

1. Mounted patrols of the enemy (BROWN) have been seen in the vicinity of SAN JOSE. Nothing further has been learnt of the enemy.
The greater portion of this Detachment should be concentrated at this place tonight.
2. This Detachment will remain in its present camps tonight strengthening the outpost line.
3. The Commanding Officer, 24th Infantry, will relieve the present outpost with 6 companies, 24th Infantry, by 7 P.M. tonight, establishing the outpost for the Detachment along the general line—LONGOS RIVER—PATAY—SAN PEDRO—SAN PAGA. A detached post of one squad will be posted on IBAAN HILL, particularly charged with preventing hostile reconnaissance from that point.
The outpost positions will be intrenched.
Cavalry patrols have been posted at BALIBAC, SAN JOSE and IBAAN by the Commanding Officer, Detachment, 7th Cavalry. These patrols are under control of the Cavalry Commander, who will be consulted by the Outpost Commander as to the orders given the Cavalry patrols.
The Cavalry Commander will make no changes in the disposition of his outpost patrols without first informing the Outpost Commander.
4. Messages will reach the Detachment Commander at the Recreation Room, Camp McGRATH.
NA/RG 165 (War College Division)