The George C. Marshall Papers

ON February 4, the maneuver was declared ended, and Marshall was relieved as chief of staff. The maneuver's chief umpire called the exercise "by far the best that I have ever attended. " The chief umpire with the White Force reported that "the orders issued from Headquarters Detachment No. 1 were excellent. In several cases they are models that show a clear grasp of the situation, and attention to every necessary point of tactics, and are so clear and definite as to be impossible to misconstrue." Moreover, despite the great handicap under which Marshall worked, the exercise had been "a severe task which he carried out successfully and for which he deserves great credit." (Colonel James B. Erwin [chief umpire] to Major General J. Franklin Bell, March 20, 1914, NA/RG 165 [War College Division]; Lieutenant Colonel Clarence E. Dentler [chief White Force umpire], report included in Erwin to Bell.) [star ]