The George C. Marshall Papers

George C. Marshall to Benjamin Ide Wheeler[1]

I am informed that a number of students at the University of California have enlisted. Of course, everyone appreciates highly the motives leading these young men to this action, but it is very desirable that this impulse on the part of the student body should be restrained at this time for a few days at least. I think it highly important that your portion of your student body available for military duty should be held as nearly intact as possible until the plans of the War Department now in process of formulation are completed and published. Tentative plans known at these headquarters will permit of all of the senior class in your military department entering three months training course preparatory to commission as officers. I believe it is highly probable that such modification of the tentative regulations will be made as will permit juniors also to enter this training course. The use to which other classes can be put is yet to be determined, but I think for the present they can render the government the best service by continuing in their regular course of instruction at the university. With your permission I shall give this telegram to the press for the benefit of other institutions in this department to which similar advice may apply.
NA/RG 394 (Western Department, Ninth Corps Area)
    [1]Wheeler was president of the University of California at Berkeley. General J. Franklin Bell signed this document.