The George C. Marshall Papers

George C. Marshall First Division War Diary Entry

Weather fair. Health good. Supply good.
1. The 28th Infantry entrained in five sections and left for its billets in the training area. The first section left thirty eight minutes late, owing to the late arrival of the horses, the fact that the train was not made up as expected and freight had to be carried by hand for considerable distances, and the instructions from Base Section, Number One, directing that the organizations should not arrive at the entraining point until thirty minutes before scheduled time for departure. Some delay was also due to the fact that most of the officers and noncommissioned officers were entirely inexperienced and most of the men recruits. The remaining four trains left on time or approximately on time.
2. The French trains are made up of fifty cars adapted to their organization, which naturally does not entirely suit ours; particularly as regards wagons, which must be loaded from the side, and the extra impedimenta which is being carried oversea by our troops.
3. All organizations are without rolling kitchens, which did not arrive on this convoy. It now appears that no automobiles for Division Headquarters were shipped on this convoy, though the cars were on the docks at Hoboken when the transports were being loaded.
G. C. M.
NA/RG 120 (GHQ, War Diaries)