The George C. Marshall Papers

George C. Marshall First Division War Diary Entry

. . . 2. The Chief of Staff and his assistants inspected the offices and working arrangements of the General Staff Officers of the 47th French Division.[1] It was decided to adopt virtually the same arrangement for this Division, excepting the 1st Bureau of the French organization which corresponds to our Division Adjutant's Office.[2]
G. C. M.
NA/RG 120 (GHQ, War Diaries)
    [1]The Forty-seventh Chasseur Division, commanded by General de Poudrygain, had been sent to Gondrecourt to assist in training the First Division. The French soldiers "made a wonderful impression on our men," Marshall wrote afterwards. (Marshall, Memoirs, p. 18.)
    [2]The French General Staff was divided into four bureaus; to each of these the United States Army gave a "G" (General Staff) designation.
1st Bureau (Personnel)= G-l (Personnel and Training)
2nd Bureau (Intelligence)= G-2 (Intelligence)
3rd Bureau (Operations) = G-3 (Operations)
4th Bureau (Supply)= G-4 (Logistics)
At A.E.F. General Headquarters, Training was made G-5.