The George C. Marshall Papers

Commanding General, First Division, to the Commander in Chief, A.E.F.

. . . 2. I have been deeply impressed with Captain Marshall's marked ability in General Staff and all other duty entrusted to him, and strongly recommend that he be given a temporary commission as Lieutenant Colonel in the National Army and kept on General Staff work—he is fully qualified to perform the duties of Chief of Staff of a Division.[1]
Wm. L. Sibert
NA/RG 120 (GHQ, AG File)
    [1]Marshall had served as acting chief of staff from August 23, when Brigadier General Frank W. Coe left, until September 3, when Colonel Hanson E. Ely (U.S.M.A., 1891) took over. No reply lo General Sibert's recommendalion was forthcoming because the question of promotion by selection was being studied at General Headquarters, and General Pershing did not then have the authority to make such promotions. On January 7, 1918, a telegram arrived at division headquarters announcing Marshall's promotion. Meanwhile, Marshall was made a temporary major with rank dating from August 5.