The George C. Marshall Papers

George C. Marshall First Division War Diary Entry

Weather: snow. Health: good. Supplies: good.
1Troops resumed their training after a week of fatigue work. The departure for the Staff College or Corps Schools of nine out of twelve infantry battalion commanders has seriously handicapped regimental commanders in starting the first week of the regimental training. These battalion commanders have had to be replaced by officers who just arrived from the United States with the replacement battalions or by very young and inexperienced Captains. The former are not prepared to give any instruction or to carry out regimental orders in the tactics of trench warfare, and the latter have not yet mastered the details of commanding a company. The frequent changing of commanders for battalions and companies and of regimental adjutants has had a demoralizing effect.
2The Inspector General, A.E.F., accompanied by three members of the Training Section, A.E.F., arrived to inspect training work.
NA/RG 120 (GHQ, War Diaries)