The George C. Marshall Papers

George C. Marshall First Division War Diary Entry

. . . 2. Shortage in forage still continues. Shortage in leggins, winter gloves or mittens, and shoes exists. Owing to hard work, continuous muddy roads and necessity for wearing very heavy socks (generally 2 pairs, one light and one heavy) the men require larger sizes in shoes than was found necessary in the warmer and drier climate where our troops usually operated before the war. Apparently, as a result of this change, it has been found impossible to secure a sufficient number of shoes of the sizes between 8 ½ and 12. The wearing of tight shoes has resulted in a number of men developing sore feet during the recent open warfare maneuvers. Many men only have one pair of shoes at the present time.
G. C. M.
NA/RG 120 (GHQ, War Diaries)