The Papers of Henry Laurens

[Page 381]

Henry Laurens to Jeremiah Meyler

Dear Sir_

Capt Hinson[1] in his way from Pensacola to Philadelphia called on me a few days ago in order as he informed me to obtain a State of your Account_ the Balance of which he Said you intended to discharge immediately_ I declare to you upon my Honour Sir I[Page 382] received more pleasure from hearing that Gentleman Say your Estate was so much improved as to enable you to discharge all arrears of Accounts & to retain a handsome Surplus, than from any consideration of particular benefit to my Self._
Capt Hinson asked for your Account Currt. which I Shall furnish him with before he leaves Carolina & transmit a Copy to you by the next opportunity, but I cannot do it by this_ I was absent from Charles Town near four Years & immediately upon my return So deeply engaged in public business as to put it out of my power to look properly into my own affairs, there appears to be about Five Hundred pounds Sterling Balance_ I have three Sons in England maintained at a very large expence & our public disputes with Great Britain has occasioned a Scarcity of Bills & a rise of Exchange in this place, which compels me to pray you, provided you can do it without distressing your Self, to remit Two hundred & fifty or three hundred pounds Sterling in good Bills on my Account to Wm. Manning Esquire St. Mary Axe London_ if you can comply with this request you will in a particular manner oblige

Dear Sir &ca_

P S. Just as I had concluded the above Capt Hinson called to take leave & I had not time to make out your Accot_[2]
LB, HL Papers, ScHi; addressed "Jeremiah Meyler / Savanna Le Mer / Jamaica / by Capt Clark's Packet"; dated "14 Septem. 1775".
[1.] Probably Joseph Hinson (Hindson), master of the brigantine Christianna. Naval Documents (Clark), IV, 227.
[2.] Postscript added by HL.