The Papers of Henry Laurens

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Isaac Motte to Council of Safety[1]


I have the honor to acquaint you that I took possession of Fort Johnston this morning at the Dawn of Day without the least opposition_ the Garrison consists of Four Men, the Gunner & three Privates all of which I have made Prisoners and are closely confined
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I have found in the Magazine about 80 weight of Cannon Powder, two Powder Horns & eight Firelocks_ the Cannon on the Barbet Battery are all unmounted, say 21_ none of them spiked or damaged in the least_ the Carriages of six or seven are unfit for Service_ there are for the Cannon, 2 Spunges, 2 Worms & 2 Ladles_ I have only two 6 weight Cannon mounted in the Fort_ If the heavy Cannon was mounted & well supplyed with Ammunition, I think I cou'd give a good account of the Man of War_ I had almost forgot to mention I have plenty of Ball for the heavy Cannon._
I Shou'd be glad to receive yor: further orders._ I have the Honor to be Gentlemen,

Yor: Most Obedt. hble Servt.

Isaac Motte, Lt. Coll.
2d: So. Carolina Regt.

ALS, South Carolina Militia Papers, 1775-1779, NN; addressed on cover "To / The Honble: The Council / of Safety / On the Colony Service"; dated below close "Fort Johnston / 15 Sepr: 1775."; docketed by HL "Collo. Motte. Ft. Jo / 15 Septr 1775_ / Answd. same day_"; numbered "3-32".
[1.] Motte sent substantially the same letter to Moultrie who forwarded an extract to the Council of Safety. William Moultrie to Council of Safety, Sept. 15, 1775, Kendall Collection.