The Papers of Henry Laurens

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Henry Laurens to James Laurens

My Dear Brother.

The Swallow Packet is ordered away suddenly & the Capt is to call at the Office for the Mail at 6 oClock tis now 5. I was engaged in Public business till 2 this Morning & up again at 1/2 past 4. judge how well qualified I must be for writing on business of importance_ Ask your Nephew John to shew you the Letter which will accompany this directed to him_ he will readily comply & as candidly inform you of the Romantic schemes which he had in cont[em]plation the 5 July for altering the course of his Studies, admonish him on that head & if it be needful call in the aid of Mr. Corbett[1] Mr. Manning & every other friend_ I know he is honest & sensible I hope he will shew that he is corrigible & discreet._ this matter lays heavy on my mind, the pressure was great enough before_ the prospect in my view is as unpleasant as can be conceived_ tis past all description_ I am patient & endeavour to be steady & consistent_ God's Will be done.
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Present my Love it may be the last time to My Sister & the Children tell my Dear Patsy I anxiously desire to write to her but Day & Night I am so engaged as not hitherto to have found one quarter of an hour for that purpose_ Your particular friends & black folks are all well_

My Dear Brother Adieu

Henry Laurens.

ALS, HL Papers, ScHi; addressed below close "Mr_ James Laurens."; addressed on cover "Mr. James Laurens / to the care of / William Manning Esquire / London. / per Swallow / Packet Boat_"; dated "Charles Town 19th. Septem¯ 1775."; docketed "Henry Laurens / Chas. Town 19 Sepr: 1775_". HL began a second place-date line after the close, but then cancelled the words "Charles Town". LB, HL Papers, ScHi; addressed "James Laurens / London / per Swallow Packet / Copy Pr. Capt Wilson"; dated ''19. Septem.˜ 1775.".
[1.] Thomas Corbett.