The Papers of Henry Laurens

[Page 404]

To Saxe Gotha Committee[1]


The business contained in your Letter of the 29th. Ulto. which reached me 17 days ago came properly before the General Committee to whom I presented it at their first meeting after it came to hand, when it was to have been taken under consideration Some affairs of great importance happened to intervene & their attention was diverted which occasioned another whole Weeks delay_ at a late Meeting the Committee ordered a proper number of Printed Advertisements to be Sent to you & the day for the intended Election was ordered to be left blank in order that you might insert a Day most convenient to the public but the printer has by his own authority or by mistake inserted Saturday the 7th. October as you will See by the Inclosed Resolution 24 Copies of which will be under cover with this_ if that will be an improper time you may easily alter the Date with a pen._[2][Page 405]
The public have taken Fort Johnson into their hands & Garrisoned it with 400 Men_ the Governor without assigning any public reason is gone on board the Tamar Man of War, the General Committee have recommend to the Council of Safety the immediate fortifying the Harbour of Charles Town_ tis more than possible that Moses Kirkland will be in the hands of his Country men within forty days_ We have room to expect pacific propositions Suddenly from Great Britain on the contrary Ships of War & Troops are destined for the Harbours & Towns all along the Continent & no doubt we Shall receive a due proportion_ if the number Should be proportioned to our prop provocations we Shall not have the fewest_

I am with great regard Gentlemen
Your most obedient Servt.

Copy, HL Papers, ScHi; addressed below close "Committee for Saxe Gotha"; dated "Charles Town 19. Septem.˜ 1775."; docketed "Answer to the Saxe Gotha / Comm¯ee. 19 Septem 1775_".
[1.] The Committee for Saxe Gotha was composed of William Arthur, William Goodman, Jacob Richmond, and Ralph Humphrys.
[2.] The date on which the election for representatives to the Second Provincial Congress was held in Saxe Gotha is not clear. Originally scheduled for August 7 and 8, the election was postponed because of the political unrest in the back country. Even though HL indicated in this letter that the election had not been held, the S.C. Gazette had already printed a list of the district's representatives. This may have been a slate of candidates that was later approved by the voters. But, whether an election was eventually held or not this delegation represented the district in the Congress. Journals of S.C. Provincial Congress, p. 56; S.C. Gazette, Sept. 7, 1775.