The Papers of Henry Laurens

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Isaac Motte to Henry Laurens


I had intelligence this morning that there was a Boat loading in Town with Liquors and Provisions for the Man of War_ since, I have kept a sharp look out for her_ about 1 1/2 hours ago she appeared_ I first fired a Musquet, then a second and was obliged to fire a Cannon as she wou'd not come too_ they still continued on, then I ordered a Shot to be fired from a 6 pounder that she as little regarded_ I immediately on that maned a Boat with a Party of Volunteers well Armed and after they had got a considerable distance from the Fort & our Boat cod: not overtake them, the Party fired on them, upon which they lay upon their Oars & surrendered & the Crew consisting of 3 Sailors, that I suspect belong to the Swallow Packet, I retain in close confinmt. till I receive the Orders of the Council of Safety_ I have questioned them very closely_ but they will not discover anythg: they say they don't know where they are going and declare they don't intend to go to the Man of War._ this is suspicious.
The Boat is loaded with 21 Casks, 1 Case & 2 Bottles of Liquor & some brown Sugar._
I stoped another Boat about 2 hours ago, and was obliged to fire a Musquet & Cannon before she wou'd bring too_ Lady[1] Wm. Campbell & Doctr. Garden were on board_ the latter Shewed your Letter as President of the Council, upon wch: I suffered them to pass_
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I must beg the favo¯r of you to lay these matters before the Council of Safety._

I am with much esteem, Sir,
Yor: most Obedt: hb¯le Servt:

Isaac Motte Lt. Coll.
2nd: So. Carolina Regt.

P. S
I beg leave to desire of you to inform the Council, that they Bread I have had for my Garrison is so very bad that the Men illegible woud not eat it, cou'd they possibly get anything as substitute_
ALS, S.C. Militia Papers, 1775-1779, NN; addressed on cover "To / Henry Laurens Esqr. / Presidt: of the Council of Safety. / On the Colony Service"; dated "Fort Johnson 19 Septemr. 1775 / ½ past 3 oClock in the Afternoon."; docketed by HL "Collo. Motte / 19th Septem 1775 / Read in Council & / Answd. immediately_"; numbered "3-27".
[1.] "L" written over "D".