The Papers of Henry Laurens

[Page 411]

Council of Safety to William Henry Drayton


We refer to our last dated the 15th. by your Messenger from Ninety Six which we hope has reached you & that you are now on[Page 412]your way to meet those Indians who led by Capt Pearis came from the Cherokees at your Command & who have in the utmost anxiety & impatience been many days waiting for you._
We have several Copies of intercepted Letters from the Superintendant at St. Augustine to his Agents in the Nation they look so much like design to amuse us that we hold it unnecessary to trouble you with them but since you have entered upon that branch a Caution against such every stratagems may not be unnecessary Capt. Pearis applies for a Commission to the Good Warrior if one is granted it must be special & you will be the best judge of the necessary terms we have therefore refered him to you.[2]
Collo. Wofford[3] has likewise applied for Commissions in order to erect a whole Regiment on the Colony's service from Fletchall's district_ for that purpose we send you 34. Signed by us & blanks left for you to fill up you will keep a Copy of the Names of Officers &ca_ as formerly directed_
We are called together by an alarming account which threatens the destruction of this Town by three Frigates & a Bomb Ketch we hope it may prove a groundless report_ but it becomes us to act instantly as if it was real_ We shall be glad to hear that you have established peace & quietness on our backs & of your outset for Charles Town as soon after as you please.

By order of the Council

Henry Laurens President

ALS, ScA; addressed on cover "The Hon¯ble W. H Drayton Esquire / Head Quarters / Ninety Six / Colony service / By Colo. Wofford_"; addressed below close "The Hon¯ble W H Drayton"; dated "Charles Town 21st. Septem 1775."; docketed "From Hy. Laurens. / 21st. Sept 1775." Copy,[Page 413] HL Papers, ScHi; addressed below close "The Honble W H. Drayton"; dated "Charles Town. 21st. Septem.˜ 1775"; docketed by HL "Copy to W H Drayton / 21st. should have been / the 20th_".
[1.] See source note.
[2.] An undated portion of a letter from the Council of Safety to Richard Pearis headed "Conclusion to Capt Pearis" contained the following: "We must also refer you to Mr. Drayton for a proper Commission for the Good Warrior to act as Superintendent of the Lower Towns which you recommend to be given to him—Mr. Drayton will consult you more fully on that head & act as he & you Shall think most for the interest of the common cause._". Kendall Collection.
[3.] William Wofford (1728-ca. 1823) moved to South Carolina from his native Maryland in the 1760s. Settling in the Tyger-Enoree area, he owned one of the earliest iron works in the province. His military service included participation in the French and Indian War and the Regulator Movement. He served as a lieutenant colonel under Andrew Williamson and in 1780 he moved to North Carolina. After the war he settled in Habersham County, Georgia. Brown, South Carolina Regulators, p. 204; Directory of the S.C. House, III, 785-786.