The Papers of Henry Laurens

Lord William Campbell (c. 1732-1778)

During the Seven Years War, Campbell, who was the son of the fourth earl of Argyll, was based in Charleston with his ship HMS Nightingale . In 1763 he married Sarah Izard, daughter of a wealthy South Carolina planter. They returned to his family seat in Argyllshire, Scotland, which he represented in Parliament from 1764-1766. Campbell served as governor of Nova Scotia from 1766 to 1773. He returned to England, and was appointed governor of South Carolina. He arrived in Charleston on June 17, 1775, but quickly ran into problems with the rebellious colonists. Forced to flee from Charleston in September, Campbell later participated in the battle of Sullivan's Island (June 28, 1776). He later died in England, probably from the wounds suffered in that battle.
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