The Papers of Henry Laurens

John Wells

John Wells, a lukewarm patriot at best, had succeeded his Loyalist father Robert in publishing the S.C. General Gazette when the latter fled the province in May 1775. The paper continued under the same title until Feb. 28, 1781, when, in the face of the British occupation, young Wells openly shifted his allegiance to the Crown and with his brother William Charles Wells began to print a Royal Gazette. With the British surrender he fled South Carolina, eventually settling in Nassau where he published the Bahamian Gazette. The Papers of Henry Laurens, III, 450n; South Carolina Historical Magazine, V (1904), 75n; Isaiah Thomas, History of American Printing (Albany, N.Y., 1874; reprint, 1970), pp. 577-578
HL vol. 10: p. 355, n. 1.