The Papers of Joseph Henry


Prof S. F Baird

Dear Sir

Your letters and testimonials relative to the office of curator of the Smithsonian Institution[1] have been received and put on file to be considered when the time arrives for the appointment to be made. The Board of Regents I think will not appoint a Curator until the building is in a proper condition to receive the specimens of Natural History and this will probably not be the case under five years. With much respect

I am yours &—

Joseph Henry
P.S. I hope you will pardon the delay of this answer to your letter as well as its brevity. I am so much occupied with the organization and so overwhelmed with letters that without an assistant I cannot keep up with my correspondence. I send you with this a copy of the Report and Resolutions relative to the organization.
Baird Papers, Smithsonian Archives.
    [1] See Doc. 21.