The Papers of Joseph Henry


Dear Sir

Your communication of the 8th of Feby on the subject of electro dynamic Induction[1] was received through the favour of my friend Professor Foster of Union College. It came to however at a time when I was so much occupied with the duties of the organization of the smithsonian Institution that I could give attention to no other subject.
I have made a long series of expermnts on the branch of electricity known by the name of Dynam Induction the results of which have been presented from time to time to the American Philosophical Society and published in the transactions or the proceedings of this Institution. Accounts or rather notices of my late experiments on this subject are to be found in the later volumes of the proceedings not the transactions of the Society. Also a brief notice of of my researches in general on the subjects of electrity and magnetism is[B] given in the suplmentary volume of the Encyclopedia Americana just published in Philadelphia under the direction of Professor Vethake.[2]
I intend publishing in the first no of the Smithsonian contributions to knowledge a memoir giving the full developement of all my later experimnts expimts on electricty.[3]
The phenomenon of the evolution of both oxygen and hydrogen from each wire of the decomposing apparatus with a discharge of ordinary electricty is I think readily explined on the prinples of the series of oscillations which precedes the restoration of the equilium in the discharge of a Leyden jar.[C]
Draft, Henry Papers, Smithsonian Archives.
    [1] Doc. 17.
    [2] Joseph Henry, "Magnetism," Encyclopaedia Americana: Supplementary Volume (Philadelphia, 1847), 14:412–426.
    [3] Henry's own work was never published in the Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge but appeared instead in appendices to the annual reports of the Smithsonian.
    [A] From internal evidence.
    [B] Altered from are
    [C] Remainder not found.