The Papers of Joseph Henry


My dear Sir

Your letter of April 22nd has just been received[1] and I hasten to suggest the plan of publishing your memoir in parts in the sucessive nos of the Smithsonian Contributions. I should myself prefer this plan if the memoir will be ↑is to be↓ long and the plates difficult of execution. By adopting it you will be less hurried the publication of the first no. of the contributions will be less delayed and corrections and additions which may suggest themselves in the course of the preparation of the article can be more readily made.[2]
It is intended to refer your memoir to the Ethnological Society of New-York for approval and from this tribunal I presume you need fear neither delay nor hesitation as to an opinion of the character of your labours.
I wish if possible to get the first no. of the contributions published about the time of meeting of Congress[3] and should you conclude to publish in parts, say in the first and second nos. I would be pleased to receive the 1st part as soon as convenient.
The Introduction to the 1st No. will consist of a biographical memoir of Smithson by the chancellor of the Institution the Hon Mr Dallas. The no. will also contain a paper on the gulf stream the result of the researches of the late Lieut. Bache[4] who lost his live in completing in completing this work. It will embrace a paper probably from Professor Pierce of Cambridge and another from myself as these papers are all on subjects of Physical science I should prefer an article ↑memoir↓ like yours for the first no article of the no.
Draft, Henry Papers, Smithsonian Archives.
    [1] Not found.
    [2] The first volume consisted of the Squier and Davis memoir in its entirety and nothing other than that memoir.
    [3] Congress convened on December 6, 1847.
    [4] George M. Bache.
    [A] From internal evidence.