The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers

Article in O Brado Africano

Black Star Line

In New York, America, more than 6,000 negroes participated at the inauguration of the first ship[1] of the Black Star Line, a company run by negroes.
The leader of the association of Universal Negro Improvement said that the negroes are already beginning to fight against the whites to turn Africa into a Republic for negroes.
Printed in BA (Lourenço Marques), 15 November 1919. Translated from Ronga.
[1] The SS Yarmouth was officially "launched" on 31 October 1919, but owing to insurance problems, it did not actually leave New York on its maiden BSL voyage until more than three weeks later. In a 3 December editorial, Garvey announced that "on the 31st of October the Negro people of the world, acting through six thousand of their representatives in New York, United States of America, purchased a steamship which they are re-christening the S.S. Frederick Douglass" (MGP 2:159–160). Thousands of people came to inspect the ship at dock before it sailed, and Garvey claimed that "fully 15,000 Negroes and 1,000 whites saw her off" (MGP 2:155) when she finally steamed out of New York Harbor on 23 November (MGP 2:34).