The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers

Enclosure: Confirmation of Telegrams

BARDAICI Bond has been given
BEGIRDLING I am working the business and have every prospect of success
CLAREMUS Please arrange by wire a credit for me.
Bond has been posted please arrange by wire a credit for me (Agbebi)
SIRALI Steamer for Lagos will leave end April
WORMSPIER Write immediately with all particulars
CLARKIE Will open a credit
LAPAMENT after receipt of your letter
SEINBOCK please sell shares immediately.
RATOONED cannot be registered
CITRAMIDE send me copy
FORMATION formation
CARABELAS Charter as soon as possible
WALLUNG is desperately wanted
PALMEIRA have sent full particulars
VARASETO keep the vessel in hand
LARCIORUM do not do anything until you receive my letter. (Agbebi)
PAKTOLOS Papers are on the way by post
CLAPOTAGE have telegraphed credit to-day
ACCOSTIATE I will advise before ship arrives.
CLARIDAD Credit advise to hand
CLASSIQUE have called upon Agents and they have no credit advice in my favour
CLARITATIS please wire when and with whom you open a credit
URGENT urgent.
Cabled one hundred dollars.
(Marcus Garvey)
NN-Sc, JEB, MS 258. TD.