The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers

William Wilson Hoy,[1] General Manager, Cape Town Office, South African Railways and Harbours, to Sir Thomas Watt

With reference to your Minute No. 1/168/74 of 23rd ultimo, arrangements have been made to notify you in the event of the arrival or intended arrival of SS. "Yarmouth" (or "Frederick Douglas [Douglass]") of the Black Star Line being reported at any of the Union harbours.
W. W. Hoy General Manager
SAGA, 168/74B, vol. 2. TLS, recipient's copy.
[1] Sir William Wilson Hoy (1868–1930) became general manager for Central South African Railways in 1902, and in 1910 became the first general manager of the unified railway system that covered the whole country (ESA).