The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers

Enclosure: Transcript of Letter from "Ennis" to British Consul General, Lourenço Marques

Dear Sir,

I am sending you some paper including the famous Negro organisation of the world, also I am a native of Rugston (?Kingston) Jamaica, West Indies—we all come out to South Africa to free our brothers and sisters out there and the first place is Basutoland—and to take the heavy yoke of thy neck if in sure to fight for it and you must remember that the Negro race is over 5 to 6000 millions strong in rough reckoning. So please lett your Government to look out for the black star line fleet in East London[1] or Cape Town in July month for sure the british people was doing a lot and its time now to check her also all of the negro race through the whole world going to join with Japan—China—Egypt, Turks, India, West Indies Islands to kill every white man woman children etc. so you all must look out for a big battle in the Pacific wont be long. Yours
Great man Marcus Garvey, Liberty Hall, New York. Send your high seas fleet to meet us in Cape Verde Islands, St. Vincent. You shall find my address in the Negro World.
SAGA, Asiatic Dept., M257. TLT, copy transcribed by British consulate.
[1] East London is an industrial seaport and resort on the Indian Ocean. Its 1921 population of thirty-five thousand was mainly European; residents also included twelve thousand Africans and three thousand "coloureds" and Indians (Official Year Book of the Union, no. 7, 1924 [Pretoria: GPO, 1925], p. 125; ESA).