The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers

Article in the Black Man

U.N.I.A. Attracting Attention in S. Africa

Just before going to press we received a visit from a Mr. Walcot, a most enthusiastic member of the "Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League."
Mr. Walcot unfolded a tale of surpassing interest concerning this organization and its hopes of mutual cooperation amongst the 400,000,000 black men of the world. Their object is the industrial and commercial advancement of the black races, and with this end in view they are already operating the first three vessels of the "Black Star Line," manned, navigated and controlled by black men, and are having further vessels built as fast as funds permit. They are also running factories upon the same lines, and hope to thus provide the necessary outlet for the abilities of our black peoples, who to-day, after struggling to obtain education in a trade or profession, are so often denied the opportunity for its use.
This movement has grown up under the inspiring leadership of the Hon. Marcus Garvey, a man who, by his educational attainments, his marvelous grasp of great world problems, and his wonderful gift of oratory, gives the lie direct to those who doubt the intellectual capacity of the black man.
We are making the closest inquiries into this great movement, and in later issues will deal with its influence upon our movement in South Africa.
Reproduced from NW, 21 August 1920.