The Margaret Sanger Papers

Abbott, Leonard D. (1879-1953)

English-born editor, author and publicist. Emigrated to U.S. as a young man. Married, wife's name not found, two children. Influential free speech advocate, Abbott was president of the Free Speech League and helped found the Socialist Party of America, the Rand School of Social Science, the Ferrer School and the Poetry Society of America. Became an anarchist and close associate of Emma Goldman and a major contributor to her journal, Mother Earth. Edited several journals, including The Literary Digest and Physical Culture, and served as research and literary editor for the Federal Writers Project 1935-1939. Used the Free Speech League to help William Sanger during his Family Limitation trial by offering advice and raising a defense fund. Also consulted with Margaret Sanger regarding legal strategies for her Woman Rebel trial.
References: Alice Wexler, Emma Goldman: An Intimate Life (1984); Jerry Mangione, Dream the Dream: The Federal Writers' Project, 1935-1943 (1972).