The Margaret Sanger Papers

Archer, William (1856-1924)

Scottish drama critic, essayist and playwright. Promoted what was termed "the new drama" in England, particularly the plays of Henrik Ibsen whose work became extremely popular among radicals and anarchists both in England and the United States. Archer translated many of Ibsen's works, including The Pillars of Society (1880), which, as Quicksands: or The Pillars of Society (1922), became the first Ibsen play performed on the British stage. Archer was also the editor of the 11-volume Collected Works of Henrik Ibsen (1906-8) and author of numerous books and essays on the stage, including The Old Drama and the New (1923). Archer signed the 1915 petition to President Wilson in support of Margaret Sanger which was organized by Marie Stopes.
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