The Margaret Sanger Papers

Bamberger, Charles J. ( ? - ? )

Vice reformer. Bamberger worked as an agent for the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice from 1896-1940, serving as Anthony Comstock's assistant for much of the period before Comstock's death in 1915. He was particularly adept at entrapment work often working undercover by posing as someone interested in purchasing material defined by the law as "obscene." In 1915 under the alias "Mr. Heller," Bamberger induced William Sanger to provide him with a copy of Margaret Sanger's pamphlet, Family Limitation. The action led to William Sanger's arrest, conviction and imprisonment on obscenity charges.
References: Paul Boyer, Purity in Print: The Vice-Society Movement and Book Censorship in America (1968).