The Margaret Sanger Papers

Bennett, Arnold (1867-1931)

British author, playwright and critic. Solicitor's clerk (1888-1893), journalist and editor of Woman (1893-1900). Prominent figure in the British social scene, author of over 80 works, most notably such novels as A Man From the North (1898), Buried Alive (1911) and Clayhanger (1910), as well as the plays The Old Wives' Tale (1910), The Great Adventure (1911) and Milestones (1912). Bennett signed the 1915 petition to President Woodrow Wilson in support of Margaret Sanger which was organized by Marie Stopes. He later joined the Malthusian League and aided Stopes' birth control work by writing an introduction to her book, Wise Parenthood (1919) and serving as a sponsor of Stopes' Society for Constructive Birth Control and Racial Progress.
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