The Margaret Sanger Papers

Caplan, David ( ? - ? )

Militant Labor Activist. Active in the trade union movement, David Caplan, along with his friend Matthew Schmidt and the McNamara Brothers, was indicted for dynamiting the Los Angeles Times building on October 1, 1910. Though Times owner Harrison Grey Otis accused the anarchist community of the act, the action was triggered by a boycott against the newspaper by printers and Otis' ongoing war against organized labor. The case drew the support of many radical groups and a defense fund was put together for Caplan and Schmidt who were convicted for conspiracy. Although the participants were not I.W.W. members or formally with anarchist groups, Caplan and Schmidt were both friends of Emma Goldman. This association led Goldman to be later accused of participating in the bombing.
References: Richard Drinnon, Rebel in Paradise: A Biography of Emma Goldman (1961).