The Margaret Sanger Papers

Content, Harold A. (1887-1944)

Lawyer. Appointed to post of Assistant District Attorney for the Southern District of New York by U. S. Attorney H. Snowden Marshall in 1913 where he became known for his aggressive pursuit of radicals during World War I. Content was the attorney assigned to prosecute Margaret Sanger for obscenity over her publication of The Woman Rebel. After Sanger returned from Europe in 1915 and focused public attention on her upcoming trial, the government decided not to proceed, and in January 1916 Content filed a motion of nolle prosequi. During World War I Content continued to hound radicals and subversives, among them Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman whom he prosecuted for anti-conscription agitation. Content left his post in 1918 to join the American Expeditionary Force in France and then returned to private practice.