The Margaret Sanger Papers

Dell, Floyd (1887-1969)

Editor, author and socialist. Married Margery Currey (1909-1915); Bertha-Marie Gage (1919), two children. Editor at Chicago Evening Post, The Masses, and The Liberator. Part of pre-World War I Greenwich Village circle, socialist, free love advocate and social critic. In 1918 Dell was one of four tried under the Espionage Act for anti-war tracts published in the Masses; the charges were dismissed after juries deadlocked in two trials. Author of numerous books, including Women as World Builders (1913), Moon Calf (1920) and the autobiographical Love in Greenwich Village (1928). Playwright for the Provincetown Players, and later a writer and editor for the Works Progress Administration.
References: Douglas Clayton, Floyd Dell: The Life and Times of an American Radical (1994).