The Margaret Sanger Papers

Haynes, Edmund S. P. (1877-1949)

British lawyer and writer. Married (wife's name not identified), three children. Well-known in British intellectual circles, Haynes associated with such radical writers and philosophers as Havelock Ellis and H.G. Wells, often serving as their solicitor. A specialist in divorce and marriage law, he was the author of several books including The Decline of Liberty in England (1916), Divorce and Its Problems (1935) and the autobiographical The Lawyer: A Conversation Piece (published in 1951). Committed to free speech and an advocate of birth control, Haynes was active in the British Malthusian League and became a vice-president in 1915. Margaret Sanger met Haynes in London during her 1914 exile and became a regular guest at his house.
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