The Margaret Sanger Papers

Neo-Malthusian Bureau of Correspondence and Defense (1910-1927?)

Established after the Third International Neo-Malthusian Conference at the Hague in 1910. It was formed after Eugene Humbèrt, the French Neo-Malthusian League representative to the conference, suggested the need for an international body to help defend individuals and local leagues that were faced with legal actions for their neo-Malthusian-related work. The Bureau was subsidized by voluntary contributions from individuals and national leagues. With British Malthusian League representative, Charles Vickery Drysdale, Dr. Jan Rutgers as secretary, and G. Hardy (the pseudonym of Gabriel Giroud) as treasurer, the Bureau assisted six Europeans promoting neo-Malthusian principles or actions over the next three years. In 1915 the Bureau issued a memorandum supporting Margaret Sanger for her advocacy of birth control.
References: Rosanna Ledbetter, A History of the Malthusian League, 1877-1927 (1976).