The Margaret Sanger Papers

Maude, Aylmer (1858-1938)

British author and translator. Married Louise Shanks (1884), four children. Educated in England and Russia, Maude was a tutor in Moscow, then headed a Russian carpet company before returning to England in 1897. Best known for his translations of and writings on Tolstoy, including Tolstoy and His Problems (1901), a two-volume Life of Tolstoy (1908,1910), and a 21-volume centenary edition of Tolstoy's work (1927-1929). Maude was also a lecturer for the Fabian Society's summer school and an intimate friend of Marie Stopes. Maude met Stopes in 1912 and moved in with Stopes and her husband, Reginald Ruggles Gates, in 1913, becoming Stopes' platonic lover shortly after. Stopes dramatized this unconventional arrangement in a play, Vectia, which she tried to have staged in 1926. In 1924 Maude published The Authorized Life of Marie Stopes (1924), which was reissued in 1933 as Marie Stopes, Her Work and Play. Maude was one of the signatories of the 1915 petition to President Wilson organized by Marie Stopes in support of Margaret Sanger.
References: Ruth Hall, Passionate Crusader: The Life of Marie Stopes (1977).