The Margaret Sanger Papers

Murray, (George) Gilbert (1866-1957)

British classical scholar and dramatist. Married Lady Mary Henrietta Howard (1889), six children. Born in Australia, Murray attended Cambridge University, specializing in Greek literature and drama. He taught at Glasgow University before becoming Regius Professor of Greek at Oxford. He spent at a year at Harvard in 1926 as Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry. Murray was the author of Euripides and His Age (1910), Aeschylus, Creator of Tragedy (1940) and other scholarly works. He also wrote two original plays, including Andromache (1900), and translated Greek dramas by Euripides and Sophocles for British stage. He received the British Order of Merit in 1940. Murray was one of the distinguished group of British intellectuals and artists who signed Marie Stopes' petition in support of Margaret Sanger, which was sent to President Woodrow Wilson in 1915.
    Copyright for documents authored by Gilbert Murray must be secured from: A. Murray, University College, Oxford OX1 4BH, U.K.
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