The Margaret Sanger Papers

Rose, Florence (1902?-1969)

Secretary and administrator. College educated and trained as a secretary Florence Rose worked for Larabee Flour Mills Corp. from 1923 to 1929, and then became an administrative assistant at the New York Citizens Street Traffic committee. She served as Margaret Sanger's personal secretary and administrative assistant from 1930 to 1939 and often toured the country as Sanger's representative. Rose also accompanied Sanger on several of her tours including her 1935 tour of the Soviet Union and a 1937 trip to China and Japan. In 1939, when Sanger's Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau merged with the American Birth Control League to form the Birth Control Federation of America (renamed Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1942), Rose became a staff member of the Public Information Department and in 1941 was appointed director of the Special Projects Department. In 1943-44 she organized Sanger's massive personal and organizational records for deposit at the Library of Congress. After leaving Sanger's employ, Rose briefly worked as a research assistant for Sanger's friend, philanthropist Ethel Clyde. In 1944 Sanger arranged for Rose to work as an administrator for Pearl Buck's East and West Association. In 1946 she took the position of executive secretary of the Los Angeles-based Meals for Millions Foundation, newly founded by Clifford E. Clinton where she served for the next twenty years. In 1969, she committed suicide after a lengthy depression.
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