The Margaret Sanger Papers

Wallace, William, Jr. (1864-1939)

Lawyer, government official. Married Elizabeth Flowerree (1889-1936), one child. Wallace opened a private law practice in Helena, Montana in 1882 and was named County Attorney for Lewis and Clark County in 1884. In 1889 he was elected to Montana House of Representatives and served one term. Wallace was counsel to the Northern Pacific Railway Company from 1896 to 1911. In 1913, he was appointed by President Woodrow Wilson as Assistant Attorney General, the office he held when the government prosecuted Margaret Sanger for publication of The Woman Rebel. He left the Attorney General's office in 1917 to serve as chief of the Enemy Alien Bureau for the Port of New York. He also joined the New York law firm of Chadbourne, Babbitt & Wallace, where he remained until his death.