The Margaret Sanger Papers

Zueblin, Charles (1866-1924)

Sociologist and social worker. Married Rho Fisk (1882), two children. Born in Pendleton, Indiana, Zueblin started as a sociology instructor at the University of Chicago in 1892 and was promoted to professor in 1902. Active in social reform and civic welfare projects he founded the Northwestern University Settlement (1891) and the Chicago Society for University Extension (1892), one of the nation's first university-based extension programs. Zueblin was also president of the American League of Civil Improvement and was a member of the Chicago School Board. A noted lecturer and author of several books on social issues, including American Municipal Progress (1902), Decade of Civic Development (1905)and Democracy and the Overman (1911), Zueblin became the editor of Twentieth Century Magazine from 1911-12. He served as chairman of the Massachusetts Birth Control League (1916-1918) and was a member of the National Council of Mary Ware Dennett's National Birth Control League, and its successor organization, the Voluntary Parenthood League.
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